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Monday, August 23, 2010

ICLW Fun Facts - A few days late

For those of you who are coming through ICLW, welcome! (For those of you who come when it's not ICLW, welcome to you too!)

You can read my introduction post or a fun post to get to know me better.

Or just keep reading now, because I'm going to say some more fun things to tell about myself.

1) I love to bake. Love it, love it, love it. I always say if the teaching career doesn't work out (which it clearly isn't, but I'm not really ready to make any career moves at this stage either) then I'd like to open a bakery. I think people will come. After all, I've mastered the art of the chocolate chip cookie, thanks to Grace.

2) My car is 10 years old. All the people that I've known longer than 10 years have gotten new cars (some people even 2 or 3 cars) in the last 10 years. My car is officially the oldest car I know. Well, no, I take that back. My dad's car is 11 years old. My car is officially the 2nd oldest car I know! I'd love to buy a new car, but this one has been paid off for 6 years now. And after 6 years, the mental transition from "no car payment" to "car payment" would not be smooth. So I'll keep my old junker until I don't want it anymore.

3) Mister and I have a season ticket package to the Red Sox. Our seats are not very good, and it's only 10 games a year, but I sure love to go. It's really hard to go nowadays though, since we're 3 hours away. I used to think that we'd go up, go to the game and then drive home all in the same day. Yeah, it turns out I hate doing that. It's been so hard for us to get to mid-week games since we moved to CT that we're thinking of not renewing our package for next year. I will cry to say goodbye to Fenway this October.

4) I'm going to substitute teach this year, and while I feel kind of ambivalent about that, I am looking forward to the freedom and flexibility per diem work allows. Though I'm nervous that I will take advantage of that flexibility and not work at all. It becomes really easy to say, "Well I can't work on Mondays because I grocery shop on Monday, and if we go away for a weekend, well, I won't work on Friday because I'll need to get ready and I'll be too tired when we get back, so I can't work on Monday, but then I won't work on Tuesday because I won't have gotten any food for lunch, so I'll need Tuesday to shop because I was too tired on Monday..." Probably not exactly like that, but you get the idea.

5) Modern life has completely ruined reading for me. I used to love to read books. As a kid, I won our town's library contest every summer for who could read the most books. I read constantly. As a result, I developed a love for language and an advanced vocabulary that earned me the nickname Walking Dictionary. Now, I'm into Netflix, reality television and the internet. I hardly ever go to the library anymore, and I could barely hold my own in a "What are you reading now?" conversation. It's weird. I loved reading so much, and now I don't really miss it. But I recognize that reading is important for shaping a well-rounded person and I ought to get back into it. Like so many other things, I just need to take the plunge and get back into it.

So those are some fun facts about me.

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  1. love this list! actually, i always love random fact lists that bloggers makes me feel like i know you better :)
    did those cookie tricks work? mmm...i think i'll make some tonight!