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Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm feeling so lazy today! We went to Boston yesterday to go to a Red Sox game. Mister and I have a little season ticket package (little meaning 10 games, probably 3 or 4 of which we actually ever get to.)

My dad and brother live outside of Boston, so we usually try to tie a Sox game into a family visit. Good deal usually. Sometimes we go up on Saturday and spend the whole weekend, but this time we decided we'd just go up on Sunday. My brother works on Saturdays and my dad was away, so it really wouldn't have been an exciting trip for us to go up on Saturday. So we decided to hang around here in CT and do boring grownup things like errands and weeding the garden and mowing the grass. Yawn.

I'm going to give a little flashback background information here to make the whole "driving up and back to Boston in one day to see a Red Sox game" a little more relevant. Mister and I have had this ticket package since the 2004 season, when we lived in MA. In 2004, the Red Sox won the World Series and were just about the most important thing in my life. I had no job, my mom was dying, I couldn't get pregnant and we lived 20 minutes away from Fenway. Any chance I had to escape from my regular life, I took it. I think I went to 30 Red Sox games that year and they were glorious.

When we moved to CT in 2007, we thought long and hard about renewing our tickets. Our package picks the dates of the games we go to and only a few are weekends. Most are Wednesday night games. We live in CT, but barely. We're on the NY border (less than 10 minutes away) so driving to Boston is kind of a hassle. It's about 3 hours to Boston.

Yesterday, we woke up early and drove up to Boston. My brother was home, so we hung out with him for a while, and then we went to the game. Of course, the game had a rain delay, so we sat in our seats for a while as we waited for the game to get started again. The game ended around 6, we walked back to the car, drove back to the house to pick up the dog and discovered that my dad was back from his vacation a day early! So then we hung out and visited with my dad, which was nice, but we ended up leaving his house around 9:30 in the pouring rain.

The pouring rain made our trip a lot slower than usual, and we didn't pull in our driveway until around 1 AM.

Yawn. I woke up around 10 today. (Unemployment totally has benefits...) The dog stayed in bed until 11! Lazy little pup. But really, it's still raining here, it's gray, we're tired, what the heck, why not? Maybe I'll even go back to bed.

(It was a great game though. The Sox won and I got to eat a Fenway Frank. I don't really require a lot to make me happy!)


  1. You're so lucky to be able to go to a game and get to see your family too. My family lives about 13 hours away. Much too far to make it a day trip.

    Go Sox!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! And, yes, we do have a lot in common :). I wish I could have slept in this morning, but I had a monitoring appointment, so up at 7:15 it was :(. I will be following your journey from here on out!

  3. I hear you about the Sox. I'm a Met fan (so we have a shared dislike of most things Yankees.) When you're at a game things go away--or are more dealable.