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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm in a tough spot. I'm really sad and upset and hurt. But I don't want to be one of those complaining people who whines and moans and groans about everything and everyone.

We're almost done with our home study. We started the paperwork for our home study in November. It's been just over 9 months. We've done everything we needed to do, except for one thing. Mister hasn't been to the doctor. I went in April (and even then, I felt like it was taking so long... at that point we were at 5 months and it still felt long!) and I kept telling Mister that he has to go to the doctor for a physical. He said, "Yeah, ok..." and we moved onto our regular business. In May, I told Mister he had to go to the doctor. He said, "Yeah, ok...." and we moved on again. At some point in May, I told Mister again that he has to go to the doctor and I asked him if it would help if I made the appointment. He said he'd take care of it. He still hasn't.

I've dropped reminders here and there, I've said in a forthright way that this needs to get done. I've even had crying fits that he needs to get this done. He still hasn't.

It is not lost on me that the last time that Mister went to a doctor was to receive an infertility diagnosis. I believe that his last conversation with a doctor was that there was nothing the doctor could do for us. I understand that there are all sorts of emotions about going to a doctor for an adoption physical when the last doctor you saw was a doctor who said infertility.

I can not, I have not, I will not push him on this. Every step of this adoption has been about 100 times slower than it would have been if I were doing it on my own. I have to let him come to this in his time. I just don't think an adoption is the kind of thing he can do for me. Let me pick a restaurant or a movie or even a vacation spot, fine. Sometimes you let the other person have what they want, even if it's what you don't want. Sometimes you do what you need to do and don't say anything. Sometimes keeping the peace is the most important thing. I don't think that's the way to go for an adoption and parenting. We have to be in the same place at the same time about this.

This whole partnership thing. Man, it's tough sometimes. Sometimes you have to slow down and wait when you don't want to. Sometimes you have to move faster to keep up. But when you're in the same place at the same time walking at the same pace, there is just nothing like it. I'm keeping that in mind.

Even though I want to turn around and say, "HURRY UP!!!!!"

Like everything else in my life though, it takes as long as it takes and we'll be done when we're done. I'm not in a race with anyone and maybe there's some cosmic reason for the delay. Maybe someday it'll all make sense.


  1. It is hard to watch everything go so slowly. And I applaud you for not pushing him. It will take time, but hopefully it will all be worth it.


  2. oh, I'm so sorry! but, you are approaching this with the right attitude and I know it's hard, but it *will* get better...hugs.