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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Together Again

Well, Mister and I are walking together again. Figuratively, of course. Well literally, too, when we are walking. Right now he's sleeping and I'm awake, so we're not really together at this exact moment, but whatev.

The appointment has been made. It's not until the end of September, but I really don't care about that. We have a date, we have a target. This way, whether I get a job or not, regardless of anything else in our lives, I have a deadline and I hope to finish our profile by the time Mister goes to the doctor.

That way, as soon as our social worker gets his medical forms, she can finish our home study and I will have our profile finished. I hope we can have our profile out in the universe by October 1.

And from there, it's not up to us. We'll just do our thing and pray that we are matched with the right people. And then, maybe we'll be parents. How amazing that would be!

I had a moment yesterday, when I started to think of that marriage analogy I said last time, when one person is walking faster than the other, stopping every so often to turn around and say, "Hurry up!" Or the other side of it, when you're walking more slowly than the other person and you have to say, "hold on! Slow down!" Mister and I were walking together, completely together. Holding hands, walking side by side and really just walking together. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Mister started going really really fast. We were still holding hands, though, and the result was that he pulled me forward. I caught up and we were walking together again.

For whatever reason, that image hits home for me. Our marriage is like that - we're together, completely, in lockstep. And then suddenly we're not, for whatever reason. We push ahead of the other, wait for the other one, hold hands and pull the other forward. Then, just as suddenly, we're together, completely in lockstep again. The most incredible thing about it for me is that whenever we're together and we're moving in unison, that's an unbeatable team. And there's no better feeling in the world than that.

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