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Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Award!!

Well, I've never gotten a blog award before, so it's kind of exciting. Thanks to Lauren, my blog buddy who shares my Connecticut/Pennsylvania roots.

So now I get to do a post about getting an award.

Here are the rules:
- thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
- share 7 things about yourself.
- pass the award on to 7 other bloggers who you think are fabulous.
- contact the bloggers you chose and let them know about the award.

Seven Things About Me
1) When we moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut, I spent probably 6-7 months hating it and wishing I could go back to small-town life. Now I find myself wishing we lived closer to NYC.

2) In order to adopt from our agency in CT, we had to have a family member write a letter of reference for us. Mister and I decided to ask my older brother and his wife write a letter on our behalf. On the same day that we told them about our adoption and asked them for help with our paperwork, they told us that they're also adopting and needed help with their paperwork as well! I'm going to be a mom and an auntie!

3) I love Netflix and I've been watching a lot of stuff lately. Here's the odd thing - I get movies and TV shows on DVD, but when I have both a season of a TV show and a movie at the same time, I watch an entire season of a TV show in 2 or 3 days, and a full-length film will sit on the coffee table for an entire week. I buzzed through 3 seasons of Gossip Girl and 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in about 2 weeks. I got the Lovely Bones, and I kept it for probably 2 weeks before I watched it. There's something much more doable about watching shows in 42 minute segments than a 120 minute movie. I don't know what it is. I'm a weirdo.

4) I have weird control-freak issues about the dumbest things - for example, I like the play counts on my iTunes playlists to match up. This affects my life not at all, but I just like the look of having everything all lined up. Of course, as soon as I had everything on my favorite playlist all even, Mister plugged his iPad into my computer and messed up all my play counts. Now I'll have to even it all out again.

5) My mother always told me (probably everyone's mother said this at one point) "When you grow up and have a kid, you'll see... she'll be JUST.... LIKE..... YOU!!!!!!" I guess it'll be good that we will have had to prepare so much for parenthood. I was kind of a whirlwind as a kid.

6) (This is only kind of about me, indirectly.) My dog's name is Zoe, named for the character on Sesame Street, kind of. When we got her, I was teaching 2nd grade, and I asked the children for input on what we should name her. One of the girls said we should name the dog Zoe because she'd always wanted a dog, and if she ever got a boy dog, she'd name him Elmo. On Sesame Street, Elmo's girlfriend is Zoe, and if she ever got a boy dog named Elmo, she'd bring him over to our house and he could be our dog's boyfriend and it would be just like Sesame Street. I thought that was one of the funniest uses of kid logic that I'd ever heard, so of course I had to agree to it. Zoe it was.

7) I'll finish with a childhood gem. One of my younger brothers was severely asthmatic as a child. He's better now, but he logged lots of hospital time as a youngster. One of those times was completely my fault.... My parents had a tiny B&W TV that they kept in their bedroom. They'd move it into our rooms sometimes just for fun. My brother and I were camping out in his room, getting ready to watch Little House on the Prairie. Just before Little House was to begin, President Reagan busted in with an address. Two little kids watching a Presidential address, well, clearly we weren't paying any attention to the content of the speech. We started making fun of the way he spoke, and his voice, and my imitation of President Reagan was so dead-on that my brother started laughing and couldn't stop. Then he started wheezing and couldn't stop. Then he stopped breathing and couldn't start. Oops. Off they went to the hospital, where he stayed for a few days. I felt pretty guilty about that one. It all ended well, though, so we can laugh about it now. I'm fairly certain that neither of my parents felt much like laughing that night though.

So those are 7 things about me. Now onto the tagging of 7 people I think are fabulous.

I tag:

Grace from Chois-R-Us
Tillie from A Nuttier Life

Whew. That was hard. But fun. Thanks Lauren for tagging me!


  1. Hahaha I am exactly the same way with Netflix!!! We are currently working through Big Love and watch those dvds quickly, but it took us over a month to watch "Australia." Which sucks since our queue is almost 500 movies long, so we should probably get going on it.

  2. awww, thanks! i actually already had the award, but thank you for thinking of me! ;)
    number 4? me TOO. but mine are things like the volume on the tv or in my has to be on a multiple of 5. or with toilet paper -- has to be over, not under.
    number 6 is hilarious and adorable! i love it!
    and number 7? hilarious -- now. i'm sure at the time it was frightening, but now it's pretty funny!