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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Small Victory

I was able to send a draft of our profile book to our social worker and the domestic adoption program manager today. I'm smiling so big right now! I'm not getting ahead of myself here - I know it's not finished, and it's just text, no photos. But this is a big step. I've written almost all of the text and we'll see what they say. I feel great to have even finished as much as I have.

What's cracking me up is the fact that I sent the e-mail to both of them, and they're both out of the office this morning. I know they probably *are* both actually just out of the office on official business, but it's funny to me to think that these 2 people who work by themselves in this satellite office are both out on the morning after a long holiday weekend. (Not that it's any of my business where they are - I don't really care if they come to the office today or not.) Clearly, if I worked only with one other person in a generally quiet office anyway, I'd also attach an "out of office" reply to all my e-mails the morning after a holiday weekend too. I just wonder if they know that the other one is also out. A has in her e-mail, "if this is an emergency, please call B." Meanwhile, I also received B's out of office reply at the exact same time. D'oh!

But hey, why not, right? It's a gorgeous day, and one of the advantages of being unemployed is that every single other person (except perhaps my social worker...) is at work or school today. I'm going to enjoy myself! Because our profile is mostly written!!!! Woo! Off to the post office to mail our fingerprint forms. We're for real now.

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