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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Sentence You'll Never Hear

It's been a busy week, which is really why I didn't post much. But some cool stuff is going on, so I'll give you a rundown.

The Good

1) Mister and I went to an annual fair in our neighborhood. We had heard about it in other years, but never went. Now, we live so close that we can walk! I love living in a neighborhood where we can walk places. Even if it is to the church fair 2 blocks away. There's not much else within walking distance around here.

2) Mister and I got our fingerprints done for our background checks. (There is actually some news about fingerprinting in each section of this post, so stay tuned.) We heard the Sentence You'll Never Hear while we were at the police station getting fingerprinted. Mister and I are both big rule-followers, very law abiding citizens. We don't really hang out often in police stations, so going to the police station early on a Saturday morning provided us with lots of conversation fodder for the day! And the officer who did our fingerprints was very nice, probably because he's usually fingerprinting thugs. I'm sure it's always fun when you get to do your job to normal-seeming people.

3) I saw 2 of my brothers this week. One of my brothers who lives in Boston came down to visit the brother who lives in NYC, and he stopped in CT for lunch with me. Then yesterday, Mister and I went out with the NYC brother and our sister-in-law for brunch and a museum trip. I love going to the city and despite being very close, I don't go often enough.

4) Saturday was a very relaxed kind of day, and Mister and I just hung out together. I love days like that. We just enjoyed each other and the beautiful weather. We didn't really even do anything memorable.

The Bad

1) When I spoke with the social worker at our agency, she said that fingerprints are taking 10-12 weeks to come back from the FBI. That's Thanksgiving. Boo!!!!! I don't think we can have our profile shown until after our fingerprints come back. So my fantasy of buying a Baby's First Christmas 2010 ornament is probably not going to happen. Which is kind of a bummer.

2) Working on our profile book is slow slow slow. Of course, once I realized that we can't even be shown until Thanksgiving probably anyway, well that slowed me down further. I think I'm going to send what I have so far though. I figure if I've written it well, I won't need to change it anyway. And if I have to change it, then I'll need more time to do the changes. So I'll send it to our social worker this week and just explain that this what I have, that I'm not done. Perhaps being in the revising/drafting process will help motivate me to do more and faster.

The Sentence You'll Never Hear

Before we went to get our fingerprints taken, I called the police department to check that there would be someone there to do them. I got the voicemail that lists all the things you need to do/bring to have fingerprints taken. The message said it costs $5 per person for fingerprints. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when the officer said the following sentence.

"Oh, these fingerprints are for an adoption?"
"Yes, they are."
"OK. Well fingerprints are free for adoption - you don't have to pay for that."

Wait, what? Did someone just tell me that there's something involved in this adoption with no cost whatsoever? Amazing. It was only $10 that we didn't spend, but holy moly, how about that? Kind of makes me want to go back and do them again!!


  1. so, i'm pretty sure we had to pay for our fingerprints. no fair. ;)

  2. I hope that your fingerprints are able to get processed before Thanksgiving...good luck with everything!

  3. That's AWESOME that they did it for free!!

    My parents (and my mother in law!) live in CT near NYC. I know we bloggy people are shrouded in secrecy to a point, but I shall disclose that they live up near Danbury.