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Monday, January 3, 2011


How about that! I can't believe it's January again.

This week feels weird. Usually we go away during the week of Christmas and we're home by New Year's. Everyone else is already ready to start resolutions and being serious and everything and I'm not even feeling like it's January yet.

Last week before we went away, I only cleaned up slightly, so I came home last night to a fully-Christmas, post-blizzard house. Not only am I mentally unready for January, my house is physically unready.

I don't even have a 2011 calendar yet! I always make one on iPhoto from last year's pictures of our vacation, or other fun events throughout the year. Yet another thing I'll have to try to do this week.

I need to work on getting myself back into my regular routines (or even consider adding some new ones, like exercising or eating vegetables...) though I'm going away again next week. I'm going to visit a friend next week, so I have postponed any thought of a New Year's resolution. Not that I've ever really been much of a resolution person. And if I were, mine always came in September at the beginning of school, like, "I'm going to really do all my homework this year..." or as a teacher, "I'm going to plan my lessons WAY in advance instead of 15 minutes before the students arrive..."

If I were to make resolutions, they'd be the standards - eat less, exercise more. I've done fairly well with my birthday resolution of giving up soda. I'm proud of myself. I had kind of a blip right around Thanksgiving, and stopped again. Though I had soda this week while traveling in PA. I don't really anticipate any withdrawal from it now though. When I had soda, it was something to drink and not something I was really craving. So we'll see. I'm feeling good about that resolution. The others - eat less, exercise more, well, not so much. I'll get there. Lately I've been thinking about eating more vegetables, which I consider a good first step.

So I started this post early this morning and now it's afternoon and I *STILL* haven't done anything productive today. I ought to throw in some laundry, go to the grocery store and clean something in my house.

Guess I should go be productive...

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