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Monday, December 13, 2010


I'm just going to take a moment to point out something that bugs the crap out of me.

I *HATE* this commercial.

"It's 2 AM.... Christmas morning... our first Christmas as a family."

After feeling angry that Kay Jewelers obviously thinks that Mister and I are not a family, I feel sad for these 2 jackasses that their lives had no meaning until apparently 2 months ago when they made a baby.

Now, in order to present the most balanced approach, I will say that it's possible that they were not a family last Christmas. My parents were married in January and my brother was born in December of the same year. So Christmas 1973 really was my parents' first Christmas as a family. And they had a new baby. So while it's possible that these people were married in early January and got pregnant immediately thereafter, I really don't think that's the Kay implication on that one.

So yuck on that commercial. Because Mister and I are a family. A small family, but a family nonetheless. Whether we ever have a baby or not, Mister is my family.

Because I don't want to leave on a sour note, I will sign off with my absolute favorite Christmas commercial in the history of Christmas commercials.

I love that little red kiss with the solo at the end. And then he's so worn out he has to wipe his brow. As if a Hershey Kiss has a brow! It's so cute.

What commercials do you love (or hate) lately?


  1. Thank you so very much for this post....I have been in such a funk about Christmas this year bc we don't have our baby yet but you are so correct we are a family of 2 :) J

  2. Hi! I found your blog while I was blog-hopping- hope you don't mind if I follow along! Another commercial I hate are the Nissan ones- "We're gonna have a baby" and "You're having triplets". They make me cringe everytime I see them!

  3. Mad respect for the Ford commercial. I think it was a Ford commercial at least. That was pretty recent, and the woman was clearly not pregnant, and the announcer said something like, "Tim and Mary are going to have a baby. Well, not today, but they're looking for a car for when they have their baby...." I liked how it was all vague like they're having a baby, but she doesn't look pregnant, and we don't know if they're adopting a baby or if they're just planning for next year or what.